A true story for fellow Treepers.

In 1992 I sent First Lady Barbara Bush my children’s work because of her interest in promoting literacy and reading for children.

Much to my surprise as I sat in my office one day, the phone rang and it was The White House calling at the request of Mrs. Bush.

Her personal representative talked to me for about 5 minutes and sent Mrs. Bush’s regards for my work and mentioned she liked my photograph that I had sent her as a writer. I was thrilled and excited at the conversation I had and, especially, Mrs. Bush’s extending me such an honor from

The White House.

Our local newspaper picked up on the story and much excitement was generated in our small town.

In 2004 I sent a large package of much more finished products of my work to Kennebunkport, Maine plus a special book I wrote for Mrs. Bush which told her the story of hope she gave me with my children’s work by that one phone call she had directed.

The book was entitled “A True Fairy Godmother”. The picture on the front of her depicted her trademark of a “pearl necklace” and the short story unfolded from there.

Again, I received a hand written note from Barbara Bush thanking me for the gift , my well wishes for her son’s Presidency and her gratitude for her note saying “I was kind” in sending everything to her. I have kept her hand-written note to this day.

Then I received another call from The White House where a representative said she had been on my website and was liking it very much, having fun and a few other personal comments.

Fast forward to the present in 2016/2017/2018.

I am a “die hard” President Trump supporter going back a year before the election was held even though I have never been involved in politics to any degree in the past with the exception of this story with Barbara Bush.

My experience had been beautiful with her and I didn’t understand at all her or her family’s disdain for President Trump who I feel will go down as the best President in U.S. history.

I had already written with great excitement during 2016 a children’s book for President Trump to document his path through his candidacy, his inauguration on November 8, 2016 and to the Oval Office in January 2017.

I have heard many stories to date regarding the danger we have all been in from previous politicians to include the Bush’s that I had hoped were not true but I won’t give any opinion on at this time as “truth will out and masses awaken” all on its own.

Whatever the reason for the entire family of the Bush’s to be so against President Trump even though he embraced Jeb Bush’s son George P. Bush, will have to come out as truth emerges.

I would think the entire Bush family would acknowledge the honor President Trump has bestowed on Barbara Bush through his consoling, uplifting, comments and directing the country’s flags at half staff until her interment.

What a beautiful and special tribute to her even after all of the comments have been made along the way.

Bottom line, I wanted to share the good part of what I knew about Barbara Bush because no person is all good or all bad as it is said. I personally experienced a person that extended well wishes in kindness for doing good work for children and would like for you to hear this story.

However, my allegiance has been, is, and will be totally to our President Trump who I feel gives “truth” no matter who has a problem with it and he gives it in a way that doesn’t “beat around the bush”.

In a strange way that was what Barbara Bush and President Trump had in common..she was and he is very outspoken. I like that quality in a person as you know who people are and where they stand. In my eyes there is nothing wrong with that.

So, today, I honor what I know of Barbara Bush…the truth of what I experienced at the time.

However, today, I also acknowledge my undying gratitude to President Trump for standing up to everyone that needed to be stood up to as he leads us and America back to our greatness.

I hope this post will help everyone who has feelings both ways.


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